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University of Texas School of Law, Austin; J.D., 1973-1976

Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.; M.S., Computer Science, 1972-1973

University of Texas, Austin; B.A. with Honors, Math, 1964-1968



Phi Eta Sigma, 1964        
                Phi Delta Phi, 1975                  
            Phi Beta Kappa, 1968        


EMPLOYMENT HISTORY                                            


1/95 - present   Sole practitioner 

Since the termination and dissolution of Hancock & Piedfort, I have maintained a solo practice in which I am still concentrating on civil litigation and bankruptcy. The litigation includes consumer and commercial litigation with an emphasis on real estate disputes. I handle some general litigation and family law as well, and I am attempting to expand my general office practice, especially in the areas of Wills, Estate Planning, and Probate. I continue to focus on commercial and consumer litigation representing both plaintiffs and defendants, and I have some experience as a mediator. I also continue to handle bankruptcy matters for debtors and creditors. I have become Board Certified in Consumer and Commercial Law. I have also taught a paralegal training course part-time for Austin Community College. I have become certified as a Guardian ad Litem for Texas courts.  


2/87 - 12/94      Shareholder in Hancock & Piedfort, Inc.  

For the last few years with this firm, I attempted to limit the scope of my practice to civil litigation and bankruptcy. Most of the litigation involves consumer and commercial issues, including especially real estate disputes of various types. I handled some personal injury work and family law; my goal was to concentrate on commercial and consumer litigation, representing both plaintiffs and defendants. I have continued and will continue to handle bankruptcy for both debtors and creditors, as the economy requires. I became Board Certified in Civil Trial Law, and I initiated the certification process for Consumer Law.  


                        2/85 - 2/87         Associate with Hancock, Piedfort, Galton & McGill  

During this period of time, my practice varied considerably. The primary focus was civil litigation, primarily DTPA, Real Estate, and similar consumer issues, representing both plaintiffs and defendants. I continued to practice some family law and a considerable amount of bankruptcy, and I also engaged in some office practice, primarily in corporations, probate, and wills and estates.


10/82 - 12/84     Associate with Gerald H. Rosen, Kansas City, Mo.  

In this position I concentrated primarily on Plaintiffs' personal injury litigation, as well as employment discrimination and other civil rights litigation. I also continued to handle Workers Compensation, Social Security appeals, family law, bankruptcy, and municipal court charges. I was instrumental in automating this office by procuring state of the art word processing equipment and also assisted in designing new offices in a new building.


                        3/80 - 10/82      Sole practitioner, Kansas City, Mo.  

During this period of time, my primary practice was still in civil litigation, and I have a broader office practice, including formation of corporations and partnerships. Most of the personal injury practice involved automobile negligence, and I continued to handle landlord-tenant, employment discrimination, Workers Compensation, Social Security appeals, family law, and other civil litigation, as well as bankruptcy and municipal court charges. I managed an office comprising three attorneys including myself. This involved personnel matters, marketing, and financial operations, including meeting the payroll and regular accounts payable. 


6/76 - 3/80         Associate, Koenigsdorf, Kusnetzky, and Wyrsch, Kansas City, Mo.  

This position involved mostly a general civil practice, with an emphasis on Personal Injury litigation representing plaintiffs. My practice included automobile accidents, products liability, medical malpractice, landlord-tenant, antitrust, Federal Energy Act claims, employment discrimination, Workers Compensation, Social Security appeals, family law, and other civil litigation. I also handled minor criminal cases, including mostly DUI charges in municipal court and some misdemeanor and felony cases in state district court. In addition I handled bankruptcy cases and some general office practice, including wills and estates. During my time with this firm, I instituted and maintained procedures for representing the Kansas City Housing Authority in landlord-tenant litigation. I also handled the trial and appeal of one of the first cases under the Federal Energy Act.


8/75 - 6/76        Teaching Quizmaster, University of Texas School of Law, Austin, TX.  

I was responsible for teaching Legal Research and Writing skills to a class of 25 or so freshman law students. I was selected for this position through an application process that required certain academic levels and demonstrable skills in writing and teaching. I taught the students how to do legal research and how to apply it to specific legal issues. I had to prepare and grade exams and final projects, which included a Memorandum of Law during the first semester and an Appellate Brief during the second semester. In addition I taught and evaluated the students' oral argument skills.


6/75 - 8/75         Summer Law Clerk, Brown & Bain, Phoenix, AZ.


8/72 - 6/73         Teaching Fellow, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. 

This was a part-time position while I attended graduate school. I had a class of about 20 students whom I instructed in computer programming and computer science.


8/68 - 4/72         United States Navy, Communications Technician Second Class




First State Bank, Henry S. Miller Company, Keller Williams REALTORS, Adams & Holmes Mortgage Co., Inc., Acceleration National Insurance Company, Employers Reinsurance Corporation, State Farm Insurance Company, Land Stabilizers, Inc., Home Critic

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